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This is for creeping plants like grapes, cucumbers, pumpkins, kiwis and the like and some of garden products such as tomatoes, cayenne peppers, strawberries, eggplants and others which need props in order to connect them each other. Tape Binder is easy to operate and its speedy work can handle the workload of approximately 5~10 persons. It will be also helpful for farms that are faced with serious problems caused by the shortage of labor and increasing labor costs.
· It is designed light and easy for everyone so as to use regardless of age and gender if they do
  a little bit of practice.
· Its strengthened neck parts minimize the transformation of machines from shocks owed to minor
  carelessness, showing its superior durability.
· 2 extra elastic springs for handle and 1 blade of knife are attached to inside tape container
  customers can be ready for simple repair.