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Grapes farms, which have been
dramatically increased
since the beginning of 1980, have had difficulties
in strengthening new grapes shoots so far.
Thus we have produced and supplied Tape Binder
for a range of farms, with our products being
so much helpful for those farms where we are going
through difficult times due to shortage of labor
and expensive labor costs.

As grapes farming has entered its heyday
through the encouragement of government and
participation of farms, where had evaded
grapes growing because of difficulties,
BJA Tape Binder have made a large
contribution to those enormously increased grapes farms.

One of Byoung Jue Agricultural Co. products,
Braid Holder, fixes a tape to vinyl braids for prop so that farmers
can easily use it in various ways. We have also produced and sold a tape for vinyl house repairing, and it has been a huge help for farms where have had hard times to repair inferior goods by poor vinyl industry and damaged vinyl caused by sudden climate change. Pacing with green Agriculture, Byoung Jue Agricultural Co. set out to develop bio-photodegradable Tape for Tape Binder in 2005 and started producing the goods at the end of 2007. Furthermore, we have produced Taka staple in order to courage the development in agricultural industry and have been exporting them in the whole quantity.

Since we got a domestic patent in 1995, we have constantly found a larger market abroad and received great appraisals from large number of buyers.
In November 2005, we officially received a trophy of commendation from Gyeongsan-si on 42nd Trade Day, also being selected as the most promising minor enterprise in export by Daegu·Gyeongbuk Small & Medium Business Administration and Export Supporting Center in June 2006. Starting from the domestic exhibition in 1996, we have attended a lot of foreign and domestic exhibitions and have been performing as a market pioneer in order to make a pitch for our products.

Byoung Jue Agricultural Co. always focuses on developing new products and strives for various and better quality products so supply. As an enterprise which keeps up with rapidly changing techniques and information, we will do our utmost to be a leading company without being idle on research and development.